Erric Industries - manufacturer and exporter of Sodium Cyanate, India

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“To give our customers what they need and deserve, we have to stay on the leading edge to provide products that meet the most stringent quality standards backed by services that leaves nothing to chance.”

Erric Industries has been formed on strong principles as a manufacturer and exporter of ‘Sodium Cyanate’ 1997. The Company has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad, the business hub of India.

The Steering Professionals

Erric Industries is promoted by Mr. Ashesh Patel, Mr. Nimish Sanghvi and Mr. Himanshu Patel with a wide experience of Industries, who promote the highest level of business ethics, and who have redefined principles for professionals within the Industry by providing uncompromised quality product and an exceptional level of customer services.

Sodium Cyanate

Sodium Cyanate is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes & intermediates, salts for heat treatment of metals in metallurgy, in making agro-chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides, and in photographic processing to name just a few well-known applications.

It is a white crystalline powder.

Manufacturing Standards

The best manufacturing procedures are employed towards achieving consistency in product specification, meeting global parameters, and satisfying client expectations.

Committed Staff

The Erric Industries located at Shahvadi, Ahmedabad and it's staff comprises of a team of professionals committed to produce quality products matching international standards, observing industrial safety, encouraging protection of environment and meeting all dead lines set by customers and management.

Quality is a Reality not just an Ideal

At Erric Industries there is no compromise on quality. With QC measures, the team has made it mandatory as a self imposed discipline, to be obsessed with the purity of the product in order to build credibility and acquire a wide market acceptance for the Company. As such the Company’s products are accepted unquestioningly as an industry standard.

Today Erric Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of Sodium Cyanate in the country with an impressive client base all over the world.

Erric’s corporate responsibility reflects in the integrity of its products and in the response and appreciation of its prestigious clientele in India and abroad.

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Manufacturer of Sodium Cyanate, India





Erric Industries
D/102,Pruthvi Tower,
Jodhpur Gam Road, Satellite,
Ahmedabad- 380015
Gujarat, India
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